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Sunday, 9 October 2016

How To Send File, Picture, Music and More From Your iPhone To Computer or Otherwise, Very Easy and Work 100%

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Salam localtechno. This time localtechno will share with you all about "How To Send Pictures, File, Music etc, From iPhone To Your Computer Device With Easy and Not Complicated". On your iPhone, you can actually send a file to another by using Air Drop that existing in the iPhone, but it is different with this one trick, because in this trick we can sending any file will be very easy and safe.

Let's see how below :

  • 1. Download and Install ShareIt, you can download via the app store on your iPhone
  • 2. Download and Install Shareit for windows in HERE
  • 3. Connect on wifi or turn on your wifi hotspot on your iPhone and then open shareit on your iPhone and computer
  • 4. Slide menu on the left ShareIt on your iPhone and select Connect PC / MAC
  • 5. Select scan to connect, then it will automatically ShareIt will prompt you to scan the barcode
  • 6. Click Image for mobile phones in the middle ShareIt your computer
  • 7. After that do sending files, pictures, music etc from your computer to your iPhone or contrast

Well, you can see screenshot and video tutorial by Localtechno in below :
Screenshot from PC :


Screenshot from iPhone :


Hopefully Helpful and Salam Localtechno ^ _ ^

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